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Homemade soap has become increasingly popular of late. Entrepreneurs, hobbyists, the eco-conscious  and frugal homemakers alike are learning how to make their own soaps and detergents for personal and household use.   
There are several main varieties of soaps, including lye-based, castile, glycerin and milk soap. Once basic soapmaking techniques are mastered, making homemade soap by the batch goes more quickly, increasing the cost-effectiveness of the project. 

Homemade soap created from scratch is a more involved process than simply buying soap bases, which are then melted for the addition of fragrance, color and custom molding or cutting. In addition to soapmakers, consumers are also seeking out the pleasure and luxury of natural homemade soap. Many can find it locally at specialty stores and craft shows. Virtually everyone can buy homemade soap online from a  great selection of merchants.
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Homemade Soap Articles Homemade Lye Soap Learn how to make homemade lye soap and what to look for when purchasing this type of soap.  read more Homemade Laundry Soap Making your own laundry soap is a good way to save money as well as ensure your soap is made with natural ingredients and avoid synthetic dyes and fragrances if you prefer. read more Recommended Soapmaking Books Soapmaking bookThe Soapmaker's Companion An excellent soapmaking book for those who wish to know more about the oils used in making soap as well as coloring soap. Includes recipes and instructions for soapmaking. view product details Soapmaking bookSoapmaking for Fun & Profit Whether homemade soap making is for personal use, as a hobby or a for-profit venture, this reference book will guide you through the process and help you move from amateur to professional both as a soapmaker and entrepreneur. view product details

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